Saturday, January 11, 2014


Here I am. It's my very first time at Pitti. I was quite excited about the whole thing. I've been staying  in Florence for years but I always lived Pitti from the outside: a big fashion Carnival, a hord of people eccentrically dressed.
Inside the air is lively and fizzy.

Thanks to my friends. And Maria :)

He won my personal 1st place prize for Best Man at Pitti.
He cought my eye immediatly for his vintage look and his unique face. He was different from all the other men in there (even the want-to-look-vintage ones). It was like he came out from a film noir. He had the hat, the cigarette, the look, the face, the figure. HE WON.

Thanks Maria. Damn Gianni.

Friday, January 3, 2014








I decided to start the new year with this little crazy shooting. The idea comes fron Andy Warhol's polaroid portaits of famous people and of himself with wigs and make-up.
This is our version of pop, hope you'll enjoy.

Editing by me.