Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dolce&Gabbana AW2012


You will need:

A minimum 3-4 cm black velvet headband
Pearls, different sizes
Light and dark gold pearls, different sizes
Black beads
Crystal-like beads
Gold sequinsAnything that sparkles
White and black polymer clay
Needle and thread

First of all use polymer clay to make DIY roses. Make the white ones first, to avoid the white clay to get dirty because of the black one. You will need about 7 to 10 roses for each colour, it depends on the thickness of your headband and the amount of pearls and beads you have.
Make roses of bigger and smaller sizes, the result will be more classy and gaudy. You can find a video tutorial to make the here. Make a little hole that goes through and through the base of each rose, you will need it for later to sew the pieces on your support. Bake following the instructions.

Tip: Feel free to put beads and sparky things in the center of the roses.

Once you have your roses you can start to sew them along with all the beads, sequins and sparkly things. Arrange all elements to taste.

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