Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ho chiamato i miei insuccessi sfortuna

Those shots were taken in an abandoned hotel. The place is icky, but the empty pool attracted me for its strange architecture and the bright colour. It is strage that there are no stairs to go into, and an unusual tunnel, more like a little bridge, that links a smaller pool to the big one.
Usually I'm extremely attracted by abandoned places and houses, but this location caused me anxiety, it's not just because it is the classic toxic climate, there's something more. The fact that never opened let me think about of all the things that could have happened, but that haven't. All the chats around the pool suspended like fog, all the ghostly wrinkled sheets left untouched.

I personally love this t-shirt. It is from one of my favourite band: Fine Before You Came
The title of this post is from the track "Sfortuna", from the album of the same name.



12 May 2012 - Exfila, Florence

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