Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My first interview

I'm really happy to show you MY VERY FIRST INTERVIEW as a fashion blogger. Olè! :)
A piece of me will be on the September issue of the malaysian Female Magazine.
The article talks about new fashion capitals, that is those city that recently emerged in the fashion scene. I've been asked to express my thoughts about this progress according to Florence .

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Many thanks go to Rachel from Female Magazine, who asked me all these interesting questions about me, my life and my place.

Here is the article

Meet me in the second page :)




Here is the complete interview

1. According to the Global Language Monitor, Florence has upped 15 places to position #16. What are your thoughts on this progress?

Florence always had a quite traditional and middle-class approach to fashion. It is not a very big city, plus its identity lies in Renaissance art and history, therefore originality and eccentricity have not always been well liked. Tradition and strong attachment to the past are beautiful feelings, but not very compatible with fashion. Lately foreign students have increased and so have different style expressions, offering several new points of innovation. I think that this progress came naturally, a little delayed compared to other European capitals but inevitable. Florentines are finally starting to be more open to diversity.

2. How did you discover your love and flair for fashion?

I have always been interested in clothes since I was a little girl. My grandma was very stylish and so is my mom. So I think it is also a family heritage.

3. What inspires your OOTDs?

Mostly I am inspired by colours and colour-matching. I usually start with an item and find a combination which makes me feel good looking at.
Surely I find in vintage an endless source of inspiration. I’m in love with the ‘30s and the ‘70s.
Mood and instinct definitively influence my outfits.

4. Are you working on other projects besides maintaining your blog?

I take photos and draw.

5. In your opinion, what makes Florence a fashion-forward city?

Pitti Immagine is an important fashion-forward event in Florence. It is fashion mixed with design and art in general. During this fair innovative textiles, fabrics and materials are presented and they will define future collections and tendencies. I think that this plays quite a big part.

6. Does Florence have an exclusive identity of its own in terms of fashion? How so?

Florentines take themselves very seriously, so the style is often quite elegant and formal.

7. What are five things a traveller should do when she visits Florence? Perhaps you can share your favourite restaurant/cafe, boutique, museum, spa, etc.?

When in Florence you must absolutely visit the “Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella”. It is a 400-year-old laboratory of cosmetics, essences and fragrances which products are still made according to ancient and traditional recipes and preparation.
Then you must take a stroll around Boboli gardens, Via Romana and San Frediano. It is my favourite part of the city, full of glorious early 20th century buildings, antiques and vintage shops.
Have lunch at “Fratellini” (Via Dei Cimatori). You will eat the best sandwiches of the city.
Go to the tailor’s shop “La luna e le stelle” (Borgo San Jacopo and Via Maggio), if you want something classy and custom-made.
Go to “Fiori del tempo” (Via De’ Ginori) for gorgeous vintage-like jewellery.

8. Who photographs your OOTDs?

My mom usually takes the pictures. Sometimes my boyfriend does. I need someone who knows me very well, otherwise I’m not comfortable enough to make good shots.

9. Describe your style in three words.

Eclectic, balanced, unusual.

10. Who are your favourite local and international designers?

American Apparel, for everyday simplicity.
Lazy Oaf, because it’s ironic and childish.
The Whitepepper, for its coolness.
Miu Miu, forever gorgeous.
Valentino, incomparable.

11. Which fashion capital is your favourite and why?

London. It is vibrant, playful and genuine. For me it is source of inspiration and it goes along with my idea of style.

12. What are your favourite fashion items?

I love hair accessories. I like wearing shirts and all kind of denim.

13. How do you define fashion?

It’s a strong way of expression.

14. How do you keep yourself fit and toned? Got a beauty and fitness secret to share?
I’m not very sporty, but I like to walk a lot instead of using public transport and I try to eat healthy.
A light make-up and no tan are the essential of elegance and grace.

15. Your favourite artists/bands/musicians.

My favourite bands are Slint, Explosions In The Sky, The Smiths, Bon Iver, Interpol and Fine Before You Came.
I love the photography of Eleanor Hardwick and Olivia Bee and comics of David B.

16. How long have you been blogging? 

I've been blogging since March 2012, I'm quite young. 

17. What did you study?

I studied languages and foreign literatures. 

18. Do you photograph and draw professionally?

 Yes, I photograph and draw personally. I have a flickr album and a second blog. I recently exhibited in a gallery near Florence.

 19. Do you have plans to increase your visibility in the Italian fashion scene? Maybe style for magazines, attend fashion weeks, etc.? 

Yes, I have some projects, I'd like to write for magazines. I'm now taking part in a little movie as costume designer, it's an underground production, but it's exciting. 

20. Are the recipes you shared in your blog your own? How often do you bake? 

Recipes are both my own and taken from books, some are from my grandma and mom's recipe books. I usually bake twice a week.


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